Competition & League Dates 2020

Competition and League Dates 2020

The draw and schedule of matches for the Jones Cup, Triples League, Bob Vise and Club Rink League can be found from the drop-down menu under the Leagues tab.

The draws for the Singles, Champion of Champions, Officers Singles, Pairs, Triples, 2-Wood Triples, Fours and Mixed Fours Competitions are also on-line and accessible from the drop-down menu under the Competitions tab. Contact names are now included for each match.  Contact details are not published on-line but will be available in the District Handbook which will be issued at the end of March.

Each tab also provides direct access to the the Closing Dates for the Competitions and League Matches.

Visit to St Albans Organ Theatre

Visit to St Alban’s Organ Theatre

Following on from the success of our visit to the Whitewebb’s Museum of Transport, the President invites all bowlers, family and friends to a visit to the amazing St Alban’s Organ Theatre hidden away in Camp road near the centre of St Albans.   The theatre houses Belgian dance organs, musical boxes, self playing pianos and two theatre organs most of which will be demonstrated by the enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers who run the museum.

The visit is on Wednesday 4th December and at only £6 a head it is a bargain..  It is not to be missed but pre-booking is essential.

Would you wish to join the visit?  If so full details can be downloaded here.

2019/20 Indoor Match Programme

Indoor Matches October 2019 to March 2020

The programme of Indoor Matches in the 2019/2020 season can be found under the Matches tab.

Team selections &, when available, results, can be downloaded below:

Finals Day 2019 – Results & Photographs

SADBA Finals Day 2019 – Results & Photographs

We had an excellent Competition and Inter-Club League Finals Day at Potters Bar on Saturday 7th September on a dry but fresh to chilly day.  Our thanks go to Potters Bar for their hospitality, and to all the bowlers for making it an excellent and  memorable day.

The Result of the matches can be found here.

Over 50 photographs can be found under the Galleries tab.