“Stockman-Winser” Mixed Fours Trophy

“Stockman-Winser” Mixed Fours Trophy 2021

The “Stockman-Winser” Mixed Fours is open to (any number of) teams of four from Member Clubs.  Players in each team must be from the same Club.  Each team will consist of 2 men and 2 ladies, 2 woods per player and 21 ends.

Please telephone or e-mail result of match to the Competition Secretary on the date played and return the result card immediately.

FIRST ROUND – Sunday 23rd May 2021

1. BYE v HA8 L Roberts
2. HH5 S Harburn v WG3 Pam Ball
3. HA5 D Gauthier v BYE
4. HA4 P Carvin v PB14 B Woodman
5. BYE v HH2 B Smith
6. OH1 G Greenfield v PB3 B Bowman
7. PB2 D Salmon v BYE
8. NM9 Anne Slade v NM3 I Coleman
9. B6 G Tutt v BYE
10. NM8 K O’Brien v HH6 B Howell
11. BYE v SA6 S Wilson
12. HA10 Debs Trollope v NM7 Karen King
13. PB10 S Jewell v BYE
14. B2 M Trembling v H2 G Burrow
15. BYE v HF3 R Lush
16. T4 P Thomson v BYE

SECOND ROUND – Sunday 6th June 2021

17. HA8 L Roberts v HH5 S Harburn
18. HA5 D Gauthier v PB14 B Woodman
19. HH2 B Smith v OH1 G Greenfield
20. PB2 D Salmon v NM9 Anne Slade
21. B6 G Tutt v NM8 K O’Brien
22. SA6 S Wilson v HA10 Debs Trollope
23. PB10 S Jewell v H2 G Burrow
24. HF3 R Lush v T4 P Thomson

 THIRD ROUND – Sunday 25th July 2021    

25. HH5 S Harburn v PB14 B Woodman
26. HH2 B Smith v PB2 D Salmon
27. NM8 K O’Brien v HA10 Debs Trollope
28. PB10 S Jewell v T4 P Thomson

 SEMI-FINAL – Sunday 22nd August 2021   (placings as per Draw)

29. HH5 S Harburn v PB10 S Jewell
30. HH2 B Smith v NM8 K O’Brien

Neutral greens will not be used

FINAL – on Saturday 11th September, 2021**

31. PB10 S Jewell v NM8 K O’Brien

** (Note that in the event that Bob Vise and Jones Cup finalists are from the same Clubs then, for scheduling reasons, this final may need to be brought forward to Monday 30th August.)