“Herts Advertiser” Pairs Trophy

“Herts Advertiser” Pairs Trophy 2021

The “Herts Advertiser” Pairs is open to (any number of) teams of two from Member Clubs.  Players in each team must be from the same Club.  Played to 21 ends.

Please telephone or e-mail result of match to the Competition Secretary on the date played and return the result card immediately


FIRST ROUND – Monday 17th May 2021

1. H15 T Redford v BYE
2. H5 T Dale v WG7 R Edwards
3. BYE v WD10 J Summerfield
4. WD8 P Russell v PB10 S Jewell
5. PB2 D Salmon v SP6 G Price
6. SA4 B Pomeroy v HH7 A Munford
7. HA3 T Anstey v HA7 R Ransted
8. PB4 C Budden v BYE
9. B6 G Tutt v HA5 D Gauthier
10. H4 D Brooks v BYE
11. B3 C Bowie v HF2 P Crouch
12. H8 S Maynard v HF4 A Warren
13. PB13 D Sparrow v PB9 K Huntley
14. BYE v NM4 S Grant
15. WD7 M Poole v SA5 A Turner
16. HH2 B Smith v WD4 P Jones
17. WG5 K Chamberlain v SP4 G Edwards
18. PB12 J Southwell v SP5 M Howe
19. H16 N Roberts v HA6 A Langley
20. WD5 I Kilford v HH4 G Eagles
21. B2 M Trembling v B4 I Connaughton
22. BYE v WD9 B Smith
23. WG6 R Collins v HA11 M West
24. NM6 I Hulley v HH5 S Harburn
25. T4 P Thomson v H17 T Tharby
26. SP2 G Daniels v WG1 S Parkhouse
27. H7 A Low v BYE
28. BE3 B Ralphs v HH9 M Woodcock
29. SA2 J Bartlett v NM3 I Coleman
30. H1 B Moores v BYE
31. SP3 T Canton v NM5 A Harman
32. WD6 K Phillips v H13 R Peppiatt

 SECOND ROUND – Tuesday 3rd August 2021

33. H15 T Redford v WG7 R Edwards
34. WD10 J Summerfield v WD8 P Russell
35. PB2 D Salmon v HH7 A Munford
36. HA7 R Ransted v PB4 C Budden
37. B6 G Tutt v H4 D Brooks
38. B3 C Bowie v HF4 A Warren
39. PB13 D Sparrow v NM4 S Grant
40. WD7 M Poole v HH2 B Smith
41. SP4 G Edwards v PB12 J Southwell
42. H16 N Roberts v WD5 I Kilford
43. B2 M Tembling v WD9 B Smith
44. HA11 M West v HH5 S Harburn
45. T4 P Thomson v WG1 S Parkhouse
46. H7 A Low v HH9 M Woodcock
47. SA2 J Bartlett v H1 B Moores
48. NM5 A Harman v H13 R Peppiatt

 THIRD ROUND – Tuesday 10th August 2021 

49. H15 T Redford v WD8 P Russell
50. PB2 D Salmon v HA7 R Ransted
51. H4 D Brooks v HF4 A Warren
52. NM4 S Grant v HH2 B Smith
53. PB12 J Southwell v H16 N Roberts
54. WD9 B Smith v HA5 S Harburn
55. T4 P Thomson v HH9 M Woodcock
56. SA2 J Bartlett v NM5 A Harman

 FOURTH ROUND – Tuesday 17th August 2021  

57. WD8 P Russell v PB2 D Salmon
58. H4 D Brooks v NM4 S Grant
59. PB12 J Southwell v WD9 B Smith
60. T4 P Thomson v SA2 J Bartlett

SEMI-FINAL – Tuesday 31 August 2021    (placings as per Draw )

61. NM4 S Grant v T4 P Thomson
62. WD8 P Russell v PB12 J Southwell

 FINAL on Saturday 11th September 2021

63. T4 P Thomson v WD8 P Russell