“Vasen” Two Wood Triples Trophy

“Vasen” Two Wood Triples Trophy 2021

The “Vasen” 2-wood Triples is open to (any number of) teams of three from Member Clubs.  Players in each team must be from the same Club. Play is with 2 woods per bowler and is played to 21 ends.

Please telephone or e-mail result of match to the Competition Secretary on the date played and return the result card immediately.

FIRST ROUND – Thursday 15th July 2021

1. PB10 S Jewell v SA5 A Turner
2. T4 P Thomson v HA6 A Langley
3. H15 T Redford v WD8 P Russell
4. WG6 R Collins v T1 M Doherty
5. SA6 S Wilson v PB2 D Salmon
6. WG1 S Parkhouse v H8 S Maynard
7. PB3 B Bowman v H4 D Brooks
8. B6 G Tutt v HA7 R Ransted

 SECOND ROUND – Wednesday 28th July 2021

9. PB10 S Jewell v T4 P Thomson
10. WD8 P Russell v T1 M Doherty
11. PB2 D Salmon v H8 S Maynard
12. PB3 B Bowman v B6 G Tutt

 SEMI-FINAL – Wednesday 25th August 2021   (placings as per Draw)

13. PB2 D Salmon v PB10 S Jewell
14. WD8 P Russell v PB3 B Bowman

 FINAL   – on Saturday 11th September 2021

15. PB2 D Salmon v WD8 P Russell