“Jones Cup” Two Rink Competition 2021

The “Jones Cup” Two Rink Club Competition 2021

The Jones Cup is a knock-out competition on a one rink home and one rink away basis, playing at the same time on the same day.

(Note that the event of COVID Restrictions being in force in 2021 then a match may be played as one-triple home and one-triple away.)

Matches are to be played on Set Dates, or earlier in the same week, by mutual agreement.

Also, in order to avoid adverse weather conditions the Semi-Final may, by mutual agreement, be played on the morning of either the Saturday or Sunday immediately following the designated Set Dates.

Please telephone or e-mail result of each match to the League Secretary on the date played and return result card immediately

FIRST ROUND – BY Thursday  22nd July, 2021

1. Bye v Hatfield
2. Welwyn Garden City v Bye
3. St. Albans v Welwyn & District
4. Hemel Hempstead v Bye
5. Harperbury v North Mymms
6. Townsend v Batchwood Hall
7. Bye v Berkhampsted
8. Harpenden v Potters Bar

SECOND ROUND – BY Thursday 29th July 2021

9. Hatfield v Welwyn Garden City   11. North Mymms v Townsend
10. Welwyn & District v Hemel Hempstead   12. Berkhamsted v Potters Bar

SEMI-FINAL – BY Friday 6th August, 2021     (placings as per Draw)

13. Welwyn Garden City v Welwyn & District   14. Potters Bar v Townsend

FINAL –  Played at North Mymms Bowls Club on the evening of Friday 10th September

15. Welwyn & District v Potters Bar

Winners:   Welwyn & District                Runners-Up:    Potters Bar