“Jones Cup” Two Rink Competition 2022

The “Jones Cup” Two Rink Club Competition 2022

The Jones Cup is a knock-out competition on a one rink home and one rink away basis, playing at the same time on the same day.  Note that play is 2 woods per bowler and played to 18 ends (sic).

(Note that the event of COVID Restrictions being in force in 2022 then a match may be played as one-triple home and one-triple away.)

Matches are to be played on Set Dates, or earlier in the same week, by mutual agreement.

Also, in order to avoid adverse weather conditions the Semi-Final may, by mutual agreement, be played on the morning of either the Saturday or Sunday immediately following the designated Set Dates.

Please telephone or e-mail result of each match to the League Secretary on the date played and return result card immediately

Click here to download the draw and scores for each match.

FIRST ROUND – BY Friday  29th April, 2022

1. Batchwood Hall v Shire Park
2. BYE v Welwyn Garden City
3. Welwyn & District v Potters Bar
4. Hemel Hempstead v Harpenden
5. Townsend v St. Albans
6. North Mymms v BYE
7. BYE v Harperbury
8. Hatfield v BYE

SECOND ROUND – BY Friday 13th May  2022

9. Shire Park v Welwyn Garden City
10. Welwyn & District v Harpenden
St Albans v
North Mymms
Harperbury v

SEMI-FINAL – BY Friday 20th May 2022     (placings as per Draw)

13. Welwyn & District v Harperbury
Welwyn Garden City v
North Mymms

FINAL –  Played at a North Mymms BC at 5.30 pm on  Friday 2nd September

15. Welwyn & District v Welwyn Garden City

2022 Winners are Welwyn Garden City