“Stan Winters” Champion Of Champions

“Stan Winters” Champion Of Champions 2020

The “Stan Winter” Champion of Champions is a singles competition open to the Champion bowler from each Member Club.  It is also open to the winner of the previous season’s SADBA Champion of Champions competition.  Played to 21 shots.

Please telephone or e-mail results of matches to the Competition Secretary on the date played and return the result card immediately.

FIRST ROUND – Mon. 18th May, 2020  

1. HF3 R Banks v BYE
2. SA3 P MacArthur v HH4 D Connors
3. BYE v H13 N Muir
4. HH7 R Payne v BYE
5. BYE v B5 B Parkes
6. WD6 J Summerfield v PB11 R Pearce
7. T4 P Thomson v BYE
8. BYE v HA9 K Speck

SECOND ROUND – Weds. 17th June, 2020 

9. HF3 R Banks v 2
10. H13 N Muir v HH7 R Payne
11. B5 B Parkes v 6
12. T4 P Thomson v HA9 K Speck

SEMI-FINAL – Weds. 29th July, 2020     (placings as per Draw)

13. 10 v 9
14. 12 v 11

FINAL – on Saturday 5th September, 2020

15. 13 v 14