“Steve Howe” Officers Singles

“Steve Howe” Officers Singles Trophy 2022

The “Steve Howe” Officers Singles entry is limited to Officer’s of the Association, the winner of the previous season’s competition and Officers of Affiliated Clubs.  Entrants must be Officers in post at the time competition entries are submitted. Played to 21 shots.

Please text, telephone or e-mail result of match to the Competition Secretary on the date played.


FIRST ROUND – Monday 25th April 2022

1. BYE v NM2 K O’Brien
2. NM3 T Atkinson v H15 T Redford
3. WD1 P Bowyer v BYE
4. BYE v PB7 S Hipperson
5. WD3 P Jones v PB8 S Jewell
6. SA5 S Wilson v BYE
7. BYE v B9 J Turkentine
8. WG3 R Avery v BYE
9. SA2 J Bartlett v BYE
10. H3 G Burrow v B4 I Connaughton
11. BYE v PB3 T Barker
12. WD8 P Russell v BYE
13. H10 A Low v B8 G Tutt
14. BYE v B6 B Parkes
15. HH5 A Munford v BYE
16. BYE v HF5 R Lush

 SECOND ROUND  – Tuesday 5th July 2022

17. NM2 K O’Brien v H15 T Redford
18. WD1 P Bowyer v PB7 S Hipperson
19. WD3 P Jones v SA5 S Wilson
20. B9 J Turkentine v WG3 R Avery
21. SA2 J Bartlett v B4 I Connaughton
22. PB3 T Barker v WD8 P Russell
23. H10 A Low v B6 B Parkes
24. HH5 A Munford v HF5 R Lush

 THIRD ROUND  – Monday 8th August 2022

25. NM2 K O’Brien v WD1 P Bowyer
26. WD3 P Jones v WG3 R Avery
27. SA2 J Bartlett v WD8 P Russell
28. B6 B Parkes v HH5 A Munford

 SEMI-FINAL – Tuesday 16th August 2022  (placings as per Draw )

29. B6 P Parkes v WD8 P Russell
30. WG3 R Avery v WD1 P Bowyer

 FINAL on Saturday 3rd September 2022

31. WD8 P Russell v WG3 R Avery

Winner 2022 is R Avery  (awarded after P Russell unavailable at Leamington)