“Bob Vise” Trophy 2020

The “Bob Vise” Trophy  2020

A Knock – Out competition over four rinks. Singles Pairs Triples & Fours.

10 Competitors each team.

FIRST ROUND – by Sunday 14th June 2020

1 BYE v Potters Bar
2 Harperbury v St Albans
3 Welwyn & District v Hemel Hempstead
4 Harpenden v BYE
5 BYE v Batchwood
6 Welwyn Garden City v North Mymms
7 Hatfield v Townsend
8 Shire Park v BYE

SECOND ROUND – by Sunday 19th July 2020

9 Potters Bar v 2
10 3 v Harpenden
11 Batchwood v 6
12 7 v Shire Park

SEMI-FINAL – by Sunday 9th August 2020 (placings as per Draw)

13 12 v 10
14 9 v 11

FINAL –  on Monday 31st August 2020 at 10:00am at Townsend BC

15 13 v 14

The Bob Vise Trophy and Jones Cup are scheduled to be played together on Monday 31 August at Townsend but in the event that one Club is in both Finals the Jones Cup Final will be played on SADBA Finals Day, 5th September, at North Mymms.


B   Batchwood Hall PB   Potters Bar
H   Harpenden SP   Shire Park
HA   Harperbury SA   St Albans
HF   Hatfield T   Townsend
HH   Hemel Hempstead WD   Welwyn & District
NM   North Mymms WG   Welwyn Garden City

Please telephone or e-mail results of match to the League Secretary on the date played and return the result card immediately