“Gorhambury” Fours Trophy

“Gorhambury” Fours Trophy 2022

The “Gorhambury” Fours is open to (any number of) teams of four from Member Clubs. Players in each team must be from the same Club. Play is with 2 woods per bowler and is played to 18 ends (sic).

Please text, telephone or e-mail result of match to the Competition Secretary on the date played.

FIRST ROUND – Tuesday 10th May 2022

1. BYE v H3 G Burrow
2. HH3 P Bunting v B6 B Parkes
3. HF2 P Crouch v BYE
BYE v NM5 I Coleman
B8 G Tutt v WD3 P Jones
PB10 J Southwell v BYE
HA2 A Langley v PB5 C Budden
BYE v PB11 D Sparrow
BYE v T4 P Thomson
T1 A Charran v WD8 P Russell
SP4 J Hastings v BYE
BYE v SP5 M Howe
NM9 P Stokes v H11 S Maynard
NM7 A Harman v BYE
WG1 S Parkhouse v B7 M Trembling
BYE v NM4 A Beattie

SECOND ROUND – Thursday 28th July 2022

17. H3 G Burrow v HH3 P Bunting
18. HF2 P Crouch v NM5 I Coleman
19 B8 G Tutt v PB10 J Southwell
20. PB5 C Budden v PB11 D Sparrow
21. T4 P Thomson v T1 A Charran
22. SP4 J Hastings v SP5 M Howe
23. H11 S Maynard v NM7 A Harman
24. WG1 S Parkhouse v NM4 A Beattie

 THIRD ROUND – Thursday 4th August 2022

25. HH3 P Bunting v NM5 I Coleman
26. PB10 J Southwell v PB5 C Budden
27. T1 A Charran v SP5 M Howe
28. H11 S Maynard v WG1 S Parkhouse

 SEMI-FINAL – Thursday 25th August  (placings as per Draw )

29 WG1 S Parkhouse v T1 A Charran
30. HH3 P Bunting v PB10 J Southwell

 FINAL – on Saturday 3rd September 2022

31. WG1 S Parkhouse v HH3 P Bunting

Winner is S Parkhouse