Association Matches & Other Fixtures

Players are requested to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the starting time for all matches and to report to the Match Officer/President upon arrival.

The St. Albans & District Bowling Association wishes to thank the Officers and Executive Committees of all host Clubs for the use of their facilities

Also appreciative thanks to all the members of these Clubs who help to make our visits to their greens such pleasant and memorable occasions.

NOTE: The calendar normally shows dates for the Executive Meetings traditionally held on the last Wednesday of the month.  At the meeting in August 2021 it was agreed to reduce meetings to 4 per year, probably December, January (AGM), March and August.  Others may be added if required.


Selection for matches takes place at Executive Meetings held monthly, usually on the last Wednesday of each month.  Selection sheets for each match are published at least a month in advance to all Delegates.

All members of Affiliated Clubs are entitled to be considered for selection for all Association Matches, including Shield Matches and the District rinks in the Presidents Invitation Match and all indoor Matches.

The Club Delegate is responsible to ensuring that the match details are made available to their bowlers and for ensuring that names of those wishing to be considered for selection are submitted to the Match Secretary.  Bowlers should make inquiries about nominations in the first instance through their Delegate.

Should bowlers wish to ensure they are on the nomination list or wish to add their names after they have been submitted they should contact the Match Secretary on .

If unavailable after selection, bowlers must contact the Match Secretary or President as soon as possible.  Their contact details are in the District handbook, on the Match Selection Sheets and on the website at

Fixtures & Special Events Outdoor Season – 2022

Notes above give details of nomination and selection arrangements.  Bowlers should check start times of matches by reference to the selection sheets.

Date Time Event Rinks** Dress Venue
6th 6.30 pm AGM & Executive Meeting Hatfield BC (Scott Room)
Saturday 14th 2.30 pm London Scottish 5/6 W Shire Park
Thursday 23rd 2.30 pm President’s Own Club 6 G North Mymms
Saturday 9th 10.00 am St Albans & District Ladies Association 6 G Potters Bar
Wednesday 17th 6.30 pm Executive Meeting Hatfield BC (Scott Room)
Monday 29th 10.00 am Bob Vise Final 4 W North Mymms
Friday 2nd 5.00 pm Jones Cup Final (& Reserved Finals Evening) W North Mymms
Saturday 3rd 9.15 am SADBA Finals Day W North Mymms
Tuesday 6th 9.30 am SADBA Charity Gala (Strofton Shield) W North Mymms
Sunday 11th 10.00 am SADLBA Finals Day W St Albans (Clarence Park)
Wednesday 21st 2.00 pm Noel Roberts RIP Memorial Match v Herts Past Presidents 6 W Harpenden

See Club notice boards for any last minute updates.

Fixtures & Special Events Indoor Season –  2022/23

Notes above give details of nomination and selection arrangements. Bowlers should check start times of matches by reference to the selection sheets

All details listed below may be subject to alteration depending on government pandemic social distancing instructions during the season.

Date Time Event Rinks Dress Venue
13th 1400 Woodside IBC 4/5 G (Meal) Watford IBC
Saturday 12th 1430 Harpenden IBC 4 W (T&B) Harpenden IBC
Wednesday 7th 18.30 Executive Meeting Hatfield BC  (Scott Room)
Saturday 10th 1430 Glebelands IBC 4/5 W (Meal) Glebelands IBC
January 2023
Sunday 22nd 1430 President’s Invitation 4 G (T&B) Hatfield IBC
25th 1830 Annual General Meeting Hatfield BC  (Scott Room)
Sunday 26th 1430 Herts IBC 4/5 W (Meal) Herts IBC
Saturday 4th 1430 London Scottish 4/5 W (Meal) Watford Woodside IBC
Saturday 25th 1000 SADLBA 4 G (T&B) Harpenden IBC
Sunday 26th 1430 Hatfield IBC 4 W (Meal) Hatfield IBC