“Harry Stanford” Singles Trophy

The “Harry Stanford” Singles Trophy 2021

The “Harry Stanford” Singles is open to all bowlers of Member Clubs.  Played to 21 shots.

Please telephone or e-mail result of the match to the Competition Secretary on the date played and return the result card immediately.

FIRST ROUND – Friday 14th May 2021

1. BYE v H8 S Maynard
2. H7 A Low v H14 R Polley
3. WD4 P Jones v B5 B Parkes
4. H9 J Molson v BYE
5. SA2 J Bartlett v HA3 T Anstey
6. BYE v H16 N Roberts
7. PB6 R Golden v H1 B Moores
8. PB8 S Hipperson v BE3 B Ralphs
9. H12 S Pariser v BYE
10. H11 R Newby v WD2 J Festa
11. BYE v WG4 D Bedford
12. WD11 P Townsend v H18 J Williams
13. B2 M Trembling v H4 D Brooks
14. PB13 D Sparrow v BYE
15. SA6 S Wilson v HA6 A Langley
16. BYE v NM5 A Harman
17. WG5 K Chamberlain v BYE
18. H10 N Muir v PB5 A Dick
19. WD8 P Russell v HF4 A Warren
20. BYE v WG8 D Neilsen
21. PB9 K Huntley v BE2 A Jones
22. WD1 P Bowyer v BYE
23. H17 T Tharby v H13 R Peppiatt
24. PB10 S Jewell v HF2 P Crouch
25. BYE v NM4 S Grant
26. H15 T Redford v HA5 D Gauthier
27. WD3 E Goodhall v BYE
28. BYE v SP7 M Reeve
29. T3 K Hull v PB11 R Pearce
30. BYE v PB7 C Gregory
31. T4 P Thomson v WD5 I Kilford
32. HH7 A Munford v BYE

 SECOND ROUND – Monday 2nd August 2021

33. H8 S Maynard v H14 R Polley
34. WD4 P Jones v H9 J Molson
35. HA3 T Anstey v H16 N Roberts
36. H1 B Moores v BE3 B Ralphs
37. H12 S Pariser v WD2 J Festa
38. WG4 D Bedford v WD11 P Townsend
39. B2 M Tremblinig v PB13 D Sparrow
40. HA6 A Langley v NM5 A Harman
41. WG5 K Chamberlain v H10 N Muir
42. WD8 P Russell v WG8 D Neilsen
43. PB9 K Huntley v WD1 P Bowyer
44. H13 R Peppiatt v HF2 P Crouch
45. NM4 S Grant v HA5 D Gauthier
46. WD3 E Goodhall v SP7 M Reeve
47. PB11 R Pearce v  PB7 C Gregory
48. T4 P Thomson v  HH7 A Munford

 THIRD ROUND – Monday 9th August 2021 

49. H8 S Maynard v WD4 P Jones
50. HA3 T Anstey v H1 B Moores
51. WD2 J Festa v WD11 P Townsend
52. B2 M Trembling v NM5 A Harman
53. H10 N Muir v WD8 P Russell
54. WD1 P Bowyer v HF2 P Crouch
55. NM4 S Grant v SP7 M Reeve
56. PB11 R Pearce v T4 P Thomson

 FOURTH ROUND – Monday 16th August 2021 

57. H8 S Maynard v HA3 T Anstey
58. WD2 J Festa v B2 M Trembling
59. WD8 P Russell v WD1 P Bowyer
60. NM4 S Grant v PB11 R Pearce

SEMI-FINAL – Thursday 26th August 2021    (placings as per Draw )

61. WD2 J Festa v WD8 P Russell
62. HA3 T Anstey v PB11 R Pearce

 FINAL on Saturday 11th September 2021

63. WD8 P Russell v PB11 R Pearce