Bob Vise Trophy

The “Bob Vise” Trophy

Trophy acquired through Bob Vise Legacy.  The Bob Vise is a knock-out competition between member Clubs.  Each game consists of 4 rinks for play and are used for singles, pairs, triples and fours matches.  The matches are played on prescribed dates (or earlier in the same week by mutual agreement).  The Final is normally played on August Bank Holiday Monday.

2000 Harperbury
2001 Welwyn & District
2002 Harperbury
2003 Potters Bar
2004 Welwyn & District
2005 Townsend
2006 Hemel Hempsted
2007 St Albans
2008 Welwyn Garden City
2009 Harpenden
2010 Potters Bar
2011 Welwyn & District
2012 Townsend
2013 Harpenden
2014 W.G.C.
2015 Harpenden
2016 Potters Bar
2017 Potters Bar
2018 Welwyn Garden City
2019 Harpenden