Stan Winters Champion of Champions Trophy

The “Stan Winter” Champion of Champions Trophy

The “Stan Winters” Champion of Champions is a singles competition open to the Champion bowler from each Member Club. It is also open to the winner of the previous season’s SADBA Champion of Champions competition. Played to 21 shots.

1966 R. Bryant Borehamwood
1967 J. Dixon Townsend
1968 S. Simmons Rolls Royce
1969 R. Millar Harpenden
1970 F. Smith Hawker Siddeley
1971 R. Greenham Hawker Siddeley
1972 R. Millar Harpenden
1973 R. Millar Harpenden
1974 R. Millar Harpenden
1975 E. Pugh Rolls Royce
1976 E. Pugh Rolls Royce
1977 A. Davidson Borehamwood
1978 R. Elfleet Harperbury Hospital
1979 W. Coles Batchwood Hall
1980 M. Roberts Harpenden
1981 J. Patterson Borehamwood
1982 T. Rowson Borehamwood
1983 E. Pugh Townsend
1984 B. Hughes St. Albans
1985 J. Allen Townsend
1986 M. Roberts Harpenden
1987 J. Morton Hemel Hempstead
1988 J. Morton Hemel Hempstead
1989 T. Atkinson St. Alban’s
1990 G. Herring Batchwood Hall
1991 M. Woodhead Batchwood Hall
1992 G. Avery Welwyn Garden City
1993 R. Patrick Hatfield
1994 G. Avery Welwyn Garden City.
1995 R. Mercer Hatfield
1996 A. Quested Townsend
1997 A. Moseley Borehamwood
1998 M. Adrews de Havilland
1999 K. Itimus St. Albans
2000 H. Wood Welwyn Garden City
2001 D. Neilson Harperbury
2002 D. Neilson Harperbury
2003 D. Brooks Harpenden
2004 D. Neilson Harperbury
2005 G. Price Shire Park
2006 R. Pearce Potters Bar
2007 L.Roberts Harperbury
2008 R.Pearce Potters Bar
2009 M.Davis Batchwood Hall
2010 C. Burden St. Albans
2011 R. Pearce Potters Bar
2012 B. Evans Welwyn Garden City
2013 P. Russell Welwyn & District.
2014 R. Pearce Potters Bar
2015 J. Bell Hatfield
2016 D. Brooks Harpenden
2017 R. Pearce Potters Bar
2018 P. Russell Welwyn & District
2019 R Payne Hemel Hempstead
2020 Not played
2021 N Muir** Harpenden
2022 K Speck Harperbury
2023 N Muir Harpenden

**  This match was conceded as finalist K Speck of Harperbury was unfit to play to due industrial injury.