Stockman-Winser Mixed Fours Trophy

The “Stockman-Winser Mixed Fours” Trophy

The “Stockman-Winser Mixed Fours” is open to (any number of) teams of four from Member Clubs. Players in each team must be from the same Club. Each team will consist of 2 men and 2 ladies. This competition is run by SADLBA on behalf of both the SADBA and the St Albans and District Ladies Bowling Association (SADLBA). Entries can come from members of Club affiliated to either Association. Play is with 2 woods per bowler and is played to 21 ends.

2002 K Hipgrave, J Oakley, R Carr, D Carr Welwyn & District
2003 J Woods, P Woods, P Kenyon, S Kenyon North Mymms
2004 D Cooper, P Woods, P Kenyon, S Kenyon North Mymms
2005 J West, M. West, S. Roberts, L. Roberts Harperbury
2006 A. Cox J. Potter, A. Charran, D. Knight Townsend
2007 J Gardiner, P Gardiner, B. Burden, C. Burden St Albans
2008 R Banks, K Albrecht, M Banks, B Albrecht Hatfield
2009 J Reid, L Newby, R Newby, S Burgess Harpenden
2010 J Wilson, J Budd, K Budd, S Wilson St Albans
2011 M. West, J West, S. Roberts, L. Roberts Harperbury
2012 A. O’Hare, E. King, D. King, S. Parkhouse Welwyn Garden City.
2013 M. Alcock, S. Burrow, P. Stamp, S. Stamp Rowley Lane
2014 D Bowler, S Bowler, J Ford, B Hughes Oakhill
2015 A. Hall, D. Hall, E. Hall, M. Williamson Rowley Lane
2016 G. Burrow, V. Burrow, V. Dale, T. Dale Harpenden
2017 T. Barker, A. Bowman, R. Hamshere, B. Woodman Potters Bar
2018 L. Kilminster, S. Roach, R. West, S. West Welwyn Garden City
2019 A Charran, J Dixon, P Thomson, R Williamson Townsend
2020 Not played
2021 S Jewell, D Sparrow, B Burbridge, D Jewell Potters Bar