Vasen Two Wood Triple Trophy

The “Vasen” 2-wood Triples Trophy

The “Vasen” 2-wood Triples is open to (any number of) teams of three from Member Clubs. Players in each team must be from the same Club. Play is with 2 woods per bowler and is played to 21 ends.

1968 F.Ison, P.Wilsher, R.Peck Townsend
1669 J.Swadling, G.Potter, R.Else Campfield Press
1970 A.Wylie, J.Ivory, R.Vise Batchwood Hall
1971 K.Smith, A.Smith, W.Oliver Borehamwood
1972 P.Wilsher, R.Peck, L.Goodyear Townsend
1973 E.Pope, M.Humphrey, M.Mallors Rolls Royce
1974 W.Cox, M.Roberts, R.Millar Harpenden
1975 W.Wollianane, R.Harris, G.Jacobs Hemel Hemst’d
1976 F.Burridge, R.Vise, R.Steam Harpenden
1977 D.Howard, J.Redshaw, A.Smith Hemel Hemst’d
1978 R.Elfleet, E.Brookes, W.Keen Harperbury
1979 C.Bradbury, R.Vise, A.Curran Harpenden
1980 W.Murray, M.Bowens, A.Bennie De Havilland
1981 M.Bailey, A.Lowe, F.Wareham De Havilland
1982 E.Bentley, M.Roberts, D.Deans Harpenden
1983 P.Armstrong, F.Watling, F.Harmsworth Townsend
1984 T.Linday, G.Wightman, G.Stephens Harpenden
1985 D.Simpson, G.Wightman, G.Stephens Harpenden
1986 R.Bailey, A.Lowe, F.Wareham De Havilland
1987 K.Towson, J.Darling, G.Austin De Havilland
1988 K.Towson, R.Driscoll, L.Dennis Hatfield
1989 B.O’Neill, J.Greenwood, K.Avenell North Mymms
1990 T.Pentecost, J.Thornton, K.Henderson Harpenden
1991 B.O’Neill, J.Greenwood, K.Avenell North Mymms
1992 D.Hale, R.Marlborough, J.Dalton St. Alban’s
1993 P.Thomas, N.Hoskins, P.Havord Hatfield
1994 D.Warren, G.Hasler, D.Culley Harpenden
1995 T.Cave, L.Scott, S.Davis Berkhamsted
1996 A.Howell, D.Cooper, B.O’Neill North Mymms
1997 R.Banks, N.Hoskins, I.Stone De Havilland
1998 J.Clark, C.Golder, P.Daley De Havilland
1999 R.Banks, N.Hoskins, I.Stone De Havilland
2000 R.Banks, N.Hoskins, I.Stone De Havilland
2001 R.Banks, N.Hoskins, I.Stone De Havilland
2002 A.Howell, J.Taylor, D.Cooper North Mymms
2003 A.Howell, J.Taylor, D.Cooper North Mymms
2004 A.Howell, G.Austin, D.Cooper North Mymms
2005 J.Hall, R.Potter, D.Macro Townsend
2006 E.Vaughan, A.Burnett, P.Noden Harperbury
2007 P.Cox, T.Rylands, C.Burden St Albans
2008 J.Hall, R.Potter, D.Macro Townsend
2009 J.Hall, G.West, D.Macro Townsend
2010 A.Barth, J.Greenwood, B.Baker North Mymms
2011 J. Allen, M. Andrews, M. West Harperbury
2012 R.Ransted, J. Hall, D. Macro Townsend
2013 A. Bates, J.Hall, D.Macro Townsend
2014 S.Gilbert, S.Hall, D.Macro Townsend
2015 P.Thompson, D.Houghton, R.Potter  Townsend
2016 D.Houghton, P.Thompson, R.Potter  Townsend
2017 M. Brennan, R. Pearce, D. Salmon Potters Bar
2018 P. Armstrong, M. Doherty, L. Perkins Townsend
2019 S Maynard. B Moores, R Polley Harpenden