The “Bob Vise” Trophy 2018

“Bob Vise” Trophy 2018 First Update

The Bob Vise Trophy is a Knock – Out competition over four rinks. Singles Pairs Triples & Fours with 10 Competitors in each team.

First Round by Sunday 1st July 2018

1 BYE v Townsend
2 Harperbury 5-3 Batchwood
3 Hatfield 2-6 Potters Bar
4 Hemel Hempstead v BYE
5 BYE v North Mymms
6 Harpenden v St Albans
7 Welwyn & District w/o Welwyn Garden City w/o
8 Shire Park v BYE

Second Round by Sunday 22nd July 2018

9 Townsend v Harperbury
10 Potters Bar v Hemel Hempstead
11 North Mymms v Harpenden
12 WGC v Shire Park