Bowls England Coronavirus Advice

Bowls England have now released  further advice to Clubs following a slight relaxation in the lock down arrangements issued by HM Government.  They have issued 2 documents both of which can be found here: BE Guidance 2 June and BE Supplementary Guidance 2 June .

Advice has now been published from Bowls England on recommended action by Bowls Clubs should any Club wish to re-open while still conforming to Government Guidelines.    That guidance was issued on 14th May and can be downloaded here:  Bowls England Covid Advice 14 May 2020.

Bowls England have issued a statement with Questions and Answers about the coronavirus and its impacts on the sport and advice for individuals.  You can read the statement issued on 20th March here:  Bowls England Coronavirus Statement and FAQs.  

On 31st March they also issued a Statement giving advice on opportunities for Financial Support.  That statement can be seen here: Bowls England Financial Support Statement.